Beverly Hills & New York Lead Luxury Home Sales — Own Your Market!

Top Luxury Real Estate Markets and the matching Top Real Estate Domain Names.  Beverly Hills, California, and New York had the most Luxury home sales for more than $10 million in the past year, according to a report by Coldwell Banker Previews. Read more

Highest Volume of Luxury Home Sales over $10 Million:

  • New York
  • Beverly Hills
  • Aspen
  • Bel Air
  • Miami Beach
  • Malibu

Want to sell $10 Million Luxury Homes?  Start with the Domain name: Own Your Market! As real estate professionals know, Exposure is one of the most important aspects of this profession.  The right premium Domain Name is a strategic advantage: Traffic, Leads, Trust, Authority, Recall, Sales, $$$$
Do you Own Your Market? Upgrading your domain name is one of the easiest things you can do to increase the value of your Luxury business.

The Domain Name says it All…..


Luxury Agents need Luxury Domains - Own Your Market

Notable Domain Name Sales…

The Domain was acquired by Beach Cities Luxury Homes. They understand the power of great domains coupled with luxury marketing.  sold for $ 20,000 Congrats to buyer & seller.  has an exclusive collection of the best Luxury Property Domain names available. Invest in your brand -Own your market - Luxury Agents Need Luxury Domains

Real Estate Domain Names for Sale – Luxury Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Domains For Sale: Ranked by most views & inquiries this month:

….. and many more. Please click to inquire about any of these premium Real Estate Domain names.

A Luxury Domain Name conveys your message/brand at a glance.  With the right Domain, you can establish an elite brand and position yourself as a Leader in your market. If you are the leader in your market, make sure you own your domain to protect your competitive advantage. If you are a serious agent looking to challenge the tops in our field, you need to Own Your market.   What’s a stake?  Clicks, Leads, Sale, Mind-share & Market-share!  Own Your Market - Luxury Agents Need Luxury Domains





How to Choose a Real Estate Domain Name….

Buy the Best name you can afford. With Over 90% of all buyers and sellers staring their search online, a great Real Estate Domain Name is a Must! Remember, the value you Luxury Property Domains, Luxury Real Estate Domains, Luxury Marketing, Luxury Branding,provide flows through your Domain name. And, if you sell Luxury Homes, It’s time to upgrade to a Luxury Domain name.

Joe Salcedo at Inman/Next recently wrote a good piece about how to pick a real estate domain name.. Check out the article here

Here are a few of tips:

  • Location, Location, Location — Your site’s domain is your location on the Internet. Put thought and a serious budget toward your domain name before building anything (website). You will save hundreds of hours  and thousands of dollars in marketing costs.
  • Avoid branded names. (Unless you have a a six-figure marketing budget.)
  • Buy generic names that the general public would be attracted to. (ex: Luxury + Home / Property + Location, etc.) Do not attach your name to your domain.
  • Think keywords; This means what you would search for in google if you didn’t know your personal or company name…ex: I want to see  Luxury Homes Aspen so that is what I would enter into a search engine. Matching Domain =
  • Always buy .com
  • If the domain you like is available for registration price at GoDaddy, think very hard before you buy. This is a bad sign. You are not saving money by getting a domain at register price. Either the name has limited potential traffic or you’re acquiring a misspelling.

A good domain can make you a trusted source  Ex; = trust & clicks due to the relevance, quality & resonance of the Domain Name.

Top Places to Buy aftermarket Domain Names:

  • has some of the most premium inventory of aftermarket Domains
  • — for all things “Luxury.” Luxury Homes, Luxury Properties, Luxury Property Domains…
  •  has an extensive portfolio of geo-targeted Real Estate Domains names. They don’t sell often but  for $xx,xxx – $xxx,xxx you might be able to work something out.

And remember what Fred Wilson, VC said a couple of years ago: “Be prepared to pay up for a good domain. It is very unlikely that you’ll find a good domain name these days for less than $10k”


This week’s Top 10 Domain Name Sales…

1.                $112,000
2.        $80,000
3.                          $53,000
4.      $45,000
5.         $42,500
6.       $36,000
7.        $33,000
8.    €24,100 = $30,607
9.      $28,000
10.                  $28,000

Sales of Interest:       $5,500        $4,188 $2,488 $4,000

Financial Domains sales this week:             $26,000     $14,500      $11,000      $6,000

Career and Job Domain Sales this week include:          $17,000         $11,500

(Reported Domain Sales – May 7 – 13th, 2012)

Read about all the reported sales this week at DNJournal

***DNJournal produces the most respected Weekly / Verifiable Domain Sales Report. Remember, the majority of transactions are never reported, including many of the biggest Domain name sales that are often subject to non-disclosure agreements. These sales are for Domain names ONLY.

Luxury Branidng, Luxury Naming: Luxury Agents Need Luxury Domains

This Week’s top 10 Domain Sales…

1. $125,000
2. $47,000
3. $36,000
4.“sportswear” in German) €25,000 = $33,000
5. $32,000
6. $25,000
7. $23,000
8. $22,000
9. $20,000
10. $17,400
A few RealEstate and Home-related sales….

  • $7,500
  •  $1,500
  • $2,000
  • $9,000
  • $7,800
  • $5,556
  • $5,280
  • $2,188

Other interesting sales this week….

  • $16,500
  • $15,000
  •  $7,500
  • $5,280

Read about all the reported sales this week at DNJournal

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Lifetime Value of Luxury Real Estate Clients — $500k+

Luxury Property Domains , Real Estate Domain Names, Luxury Branding, Exlusive Domain Properties,The resources you use to generate leads and satisfy your luxury clients is an investment in the lifetime value your business. Here’s an example of the lifetime value of a Luxury Real Estate client….

Assume that the average sales price of the luxury home sale – either as a referral or a direct sale -is  $2 million. Assume that the average commission of on a sale like this is $27,000 (after splits, etc.)  Let’s also assume that the number of times this client is going to buy or sell from you over the next 10 years is 2. And let’s also assume that this client is going to give you 2 referrals per year. That’s about $59,000 per year in commissions from this one client. At the end of 10 years, this person is going to refer $594,000 worth of business in commissions. Now, imagine if this client were sending you two, three, or four deals a year? How can you grow your referral business?   (Read more here &/or buy Jack Cotton’s best-selling book, Selling Luxury Homes.)

You can clearly see that whatever resources you use to generate leads and satisfy your luxury clients is an investment in the lifetime value your business. How are you marketing and developing your luxury brand to cater exclusively to luxury buyers and sellers? As the above example shows, paying to find. reach and acquire the right customers is of vital importance to your business.  Start with your domain name… Buy a Clear, Descriptive, Category-defining Luxury Property Domain Name. What’s the value of a click if it brings you a luxury home buyer?

Joe Salcedo of Chase Int’l said “…one thing I learned that I wish I knew when I started: invest in the best domain you can find. It’s worth it. It’s market defining. It’s instant respect. And because a successful real estate site is achieved through great content and  marketing it, a solid domain name can cut your marketing expenses by half.”  –


Forget CPC and CTR: It’s Lifetime Customer Value That Matters Most
If we can identify channels, campaigns, media or propositions that deliver “better than average” customers we can begin to see how much more profitable they are and decide how much more we should be spending on them.

In fact whatever resources you use to generate leads and satisfy clients is an investment in the lifetime value of clients and your business. Read more at the FragerFactor... 

Value of Clients — More Than One Commission

At some point, buyers will become sellers. And sellers often have other properties they would like to sell. Regardless of whether they are buyers or sellers, new clients can become repeat clients.

In every business, including real estate, referrals represent the most significant source of new business.

Whatever resources you put into developing and maintaining referral systems are investments in the lifetime value of clients. In fact, whatever resources you use to generate leads and satisfy clients are similar investments. Read more


Luxury Branidng, Luxury Naming, Lifetime Value of Luxury Real Estate Client

A powerful web presence is a Must!

Luxury Property Domains logo,  Real Estate Domain Names, Luxury Branding, Exlusive Domain Properties,“With more than 90 percent of consumers searching for property on the Internet, those real estate service providers who do not strive for search optimization and a powerful web presence will lose ground regardless of their solid local reputations and decades of experience.”    –PCMS Consulting

Start with your Domain name …A great exact match real estate domain name will allow a total stranger the ability to understand exactly what the website is going to be about without ever visiting the site. There is a pre-expecation of what someone will find at,,  Fill with relevant content and you instantly become the authority.

Are you ready to move your Real Estate career forward, and Add credibility and value to your Real Estate marketing presence? Today’s successful businesses have to have a strong online presence. Buy a Clear, Descriptive, Intuitive, Category-defining  Domain Name today.  has an exclusive collection of the best Luxury Property Domain names available.

Why $10,000 For A Domain Name Is Still Cheap

Luxury Property Domains logo, Real Estate Domain Names, Luxury Branding, Exlusive Domain Properties,Domain names continue to rise in value. Here are a few articles about domain advice and pricing guidelines….

Why $10,000 For A Domain Name Is Still Cheap

Domain names are now an integral part of any business. Whether the use is primarily for email, a company website, or part of a marketing campaign anyone starting a business must secure a domain name.

“The difference between a domain name and other marketing expenses however is you are acquiring a presence which help future customers define you, not leasing one.

Owning a premium domain has become expensive with the average price of a domain name hovering around anywhere between $5,000 and $20,000 however how expensive is this?”

The real question is not how much a domain name costs but how much value the right domain name can bring to your business…….Read more at

Successful VC Advises: Spend Up to $50k on a Domain Name

“We’ve noticed the average price of a good domain has risen fairly dramatically in the past year. We used to advise companies to spend $10k or less on a domain, then we upped that recommendation to $25k. We recently upped it again to $50k.”  –Fred Wilson , VC  2011

Read more:

How much should I pay for a Real Estate Domain name?

Remember, Florida Realtor Tim Ryans’ advice: “A great website with the exact match domain name will give you, as a listing agent, INSTANT credibility. It is as though you are the expert and you are a 4th generation listing agent in that community”. His formula for how much to spend on an exact match real estate domain name can be found here.
So, how much should I pay for a really good domain? Obviously it varies: How many homes in the area, what is the turnover, what is the median sales price, what is my commission? …..but I would say it is worth between $30,000-$50,000.

Valuable Asset: sells for $60k 

Rob Grant owns the world’s largest collection of geo-targeted .com real estate domains. He sold to EW Partners of Park City, Utah for $60,000 in 2011.  Grant said, “”We rarely sell any of our valuable geo-targeted real estate domains unless the offers are significant and reflect the true value of these names. was a domain that I originally hand registered back in the November 1996. This is a great example of how valuable these real estate .com domains have become over the years as a unique asset class – despite ongoing recessions and our current global financial crisis. Frankly, there’s no better investment out there.”  Read more about Rob’s real estate domains at

How to Avoid Dot-Com Disasters
The first tip is to invest in your domain name as you would secure a primary location for a storefront.  Location, Location, Location!  Always .com and buy the best you can afford. Generic, descriptive and memorable adjectives make great website domains. Skip dashes, long names, broken language and made-up terms. “Don’t cut corners with your online identity,” says Frank Schilling, founder of and an Internet entrepreneur. “A better domain name will lower your lifetime marketing costs.”

Read more here:


Top 500 Reported Domain Sales complied by
See the entire list here: Luxury Real Estate Domain Names, Luxury MarketingMake sure your domain name represents your company and your luxury image and you’ll be setting a strong foundation for success.

A Premium Domain Name can improve your Search Engine Ranking

A Premium Domain Name can improve your Search Engine Ranking helping you Reach Buyers and Sellers

“Raise your hand if you have your name or company name as your domain name . . . Ouch. Should this be? Why is having your name in your domain name (such as not good? Because your domain name is one of the first things that the major search engines look at (even before your Title) to see how relevant you are to the prospect’s search. In other words, if a prospect types in “Boston luxury homes” into the search engine, and my website domain name is, it is a directly relevant website and is given high value in the search engine rankings.”

Read Randy Eagar’s advice for real estate domain names at  Webstarget

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